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What people are saying about A Piece of Cake:


"Dolores, your cakes are amazing and I've been telling you that for years but as your clients we've recently hit a new level of loving your cakes! My husband is actually FLYING to Midland for his birthday JUST so he can have your cake. No other birthday cake would do and no other reason would get him to book the flight. These crazy clients love your cakes so much they are willing to fly in from Oklahoma just to have one. Now THAT'S good cake!"

"I just wanted to let you know that your cake received rave reviews! Not only was it adorable but I heard time and time again from family and friends that this was the only fondant they'd ever eaten that actually tasted good! Thanks a ton for another job well done"


"A Piece of Cake designed a work of art for my twins 10th hip hop birthday party. The cake was crafted perfectly and was absolutely delicious! Professional service and superb craftsmanship!!"


"Ordered a birhday cake for a special sister and was awed by cake! First time customer too! She took my idea of what I wanted and made a lovely tribute! My sister and family delighted!"


"We were so happy with your work! So delicious and very detailed work! Thank you for making it perfect for our daughter!!"


"Cakes n cookies are not only delicious but beautiful too!"


"Absolutely perfect! Down to the smallest details and was delicious too. smile emoticon definitely recommend!"

"I didn't get a chance to thank you for the beautiful (and DELICIOUS!!!!) cakes for our wedding. They were phenomenal, thank you so much!! "


"Thank you so much Dolores for the amazing cakes! They were better then I could ever imagine and tasted great too. Everyone loved them :-)"


"Omgsh! We love love loved the cupcakes! BEAUTIFUL AND DELICIOUS! You're awesome! Thank you soooooo much! "


 "wow! Midland is so lucky to have someone of your decorating caliber..."


"Thanks! The cake was AMAZING!!!! Everyone loved it!"

"Hello! We had our first anniversary yesterday and the cake was still amazing! I was a little nervous at first but when I tasted the cake it was perfect! Thank you so much again for the beautiful cakes! "


"Oh my goodness that was the best cake. I am so glad that I found you. I will tell everyone about you. Thank you very much."


"The cake was great! Thank you so much!"


"Thank you so much!! The cake was delish! & so beautiful!! "

"Just wanted to let you know that the cupcakes were AMAZING! Yay! It was all so cute, but they tasted perfect too! Every cupcake was gone"


"The anniversary cake was wonderful! Beautiful and it tasted even better!!! "


"Hi! Just wanted to tell you we absolutely loved the cakes! I had so many compliments on the wedding cake! It was beautiful! :) Thank you!!!"
"Dolores, this cake turned out PERFECT and it tasted GREAT!!!! My daughter loved the cake and so did everyone else at the party. You should be expecting some more orders from us in the future as well as others from the party. There were around 100 people at the party and lots were asking where the cake came from. Thanks again."
" I was so happy to see this cake when I walked into my bridal shower! It was sooo delicious!"
"Thank you soooo much. It was a wonderful cake. Everyone loved it!"

"Thank u so much for the cake. Everyone kept telling me they loved it! We are very satisfied! My son was very happy with it too! Thank u again!"


"Thank you for the cake. It was beautiful and delicious!!! "


"I love it! Thank you so much! It was delicious and a huge hit and just a couple pieces were left! "

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