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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions I get asked...please contact me if you have further questions about placing an order




How far in advance do I need to order? can I get my deposit back if I have to cancel?


 All my cakes are custom, baked fresh and made to order. Because of this,  I need plenty of notice and can not accept last minute orders.  I also have to limit the number of orders each week, so that I can give each cake the attention to detail that it needs. I suggest getting your orders placed about 4 weeks in advance.

   Deposits are non refundable. I take deposits to reserve the date and therefore that place is taken off my calendar for other customers. I turn down orders weekly since I can only do so many orders as a one man band.



Why aren't your prices listed on your web site?


My prices are based on number of servings, complexity of design, and the amount of time that will be put into your order.  Custom cakes take hours and sometimes days to complete, and the prices reflect the amount of time that is put into each one. The base price per serving includes the layered cake, butter cream filling, fondant , and basic decorations. Factors that add to the price are sculpting, detailed fondant decorations, detailed piping, painting or other time consuming elements. Please use the contact page  to let me know what you are wanting, and I can then give you a price quote.



Do you offer consultations and tastings?

Yes, I offer consultations and tastings for wedding cake over $200 only. This is the final step of ordering a wedding cake with me. I am a Home Baker operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law, not a store front I do not offer tastings just as a way to ask questions or see my work.  I simply do not have the time or resources to do so.  If you have questions about booking a wedding cake, I can answer all questions over the phone or through emails. If you then wish to reserve the date,  we then meet for a consultation to finalize all the details, pay the $100 non refundable deposit, and I offer a selection of flavors for you to take home and try.
  All other orders can be done over the phone or through email.
Can you copy a cake exactly if I show you a picture?


I can make a similar cake, yes. I do however, not like to copy another cake artist work EXACTLY.  No two cakes will look exact...even when done by the same cake artist. That's the beauty of a custom two creations are the same! Please remember that cake artistry is a creative process, and my cakes will reflect my style. They will be my interpretation of the theme and design. Most design decisions are made as the cake is being put together and decorated. If something will not work on the cake or a certain element will not flow with the design...then last minute creative decisions will have to be made.

You are getting a one of the kind, not something off a grocery store shelf.


Note on outdoor Locations:

Humidity and heat can adversely affect you cake. in the warmer months, it is highly recommended the cake be kept in Air conditioning at all times. It is strongly recommended that cakes be picked up in a cooled air-conditioned vehicle, and if you transport it, you are responsible for any damage once it leaves my possession. You acknowledge that I am in no way responsible for any damage that may occur due to weather conditions or outdoor locations including heat, humidity or outdoor insects. Cakes should never be displayed in Directly sunlight or anywhere sunlight might eventually move. Please prepare back-up plan in case of increment weather. Determine someplace safe where the cake can be displayed indoors on exceedingly hot days or in case of rain.

Liability for mistakes:

While i will make every effort to provide exactly details you have requested, the creation of a cake is an art and may be subject to slight variations and\or errors by the creator(s), including colors.








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